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General Questions:

What is your approach to a project?

Repairing or remodeling your home can be relatively painless if the right approach is taken. I approach each project as if I were working for myself, which means that I will deliver a quality outcome as near to the budget as humanly possible. I keep you up to date about how the job is progressing, the budget and ask for your feedback on the work, site cleanliness and interactions with contractors working on the job.
  • I will meet with you so we can talk about the work you would like done.
  • I design a print if needed and pull together an estimate.
  • I contact all needed sub contractors.
  • I work with you to set up the time line for the project.
  • Together we work to "Get er done"!

How will I be billed?

I do not mark up materials. I do not mark up any sub contractor work. You pay me for my expertise and labor.
  • At the begining of the project, I will give you a detailed estimate that itemizes all materials. You buy the materials as the job progresses. I will help up get the materials to your home if you do not have the right kind of vehicle.
  • Any sub contractors will bill you directly.
  • As far as Schoolhouse Homeworks bill, I will bill you at agreed upon times in the project.

How much of your business is repeat or referral business?

The majority of my business comes from referrals with several of my clients are repeat business!

Project Questions:

How many projects like mine have you completed? May I have a references for those projects?

The number of projects like yours is dependent on the project and I can better answer that question when we talk about your project. References will be provided prior to starting any project.

How do you pick a sub-contractor? May I contact them for a reference on you?


As we determine the need for sub contractors, I ask you if you have worked with any sub contractors in the past. If you have a working relationship with someone, we will work together to bring that contractor into the project.

I have a working relationship with various sub contractors. I will recommend to you who I think will give you the best craftmanship and value for the project. And yes, of course, you can contact them if you feel the need to.

The BEST way to contact Steve from Schoolhouse Homeworks is by calling his cell phone 920-540-3989
If he is unable to answer your call, leave a message and he will return your call within 24 hours.
Although Steve prefers the personal connection, you can contact us for a free quote today.